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At Best Coast Biking, our mission is to expose you to the incredible adventure of bike touring the Pacific Coast. By making independent bike touring easily accessible for any rider, our hope is that you can explore the immense beauty of the West Coast and have the opportunity to create a profound experience, one in which you discover as much about yourself as you do the world around you.


Ever since our first bike ride together in Burgundy, France in 2011, we've worked together all around the globe, biked on three continents, and found hidden treasures on countless adventures along the way.


After working in the travel industry for a combined 19 years, we put our own touch on bicycle tourism and started the first-ever independent bike tour outfitting company. Our tours spanned the Pacific Coast Bike Route in Oregon and California, and dozens of happy riders from around the world enjoyed the coast from their handlebars thanks to our small business. 

After 5 years in operation, we decided to close Best Coast Biking in the summer of 2020. Now BCB is focused on encouraging cyclists to get outdoors and explore by bike. Our routes, available for download in the Journeys section, will hopefully give you the peace of mind to embark on your own adventure. Best Coast Biking is now maintained by Sarah, who will happily answer any questions you have by email.

Daniel Bower

Biker, ultimate frisbee pro, mountaineer, scuba diver, skier, and snowboarder extraordinaire are just a few of the activities Daniel excels at. Having received his B.Com from McGill University, Daniel combined his passion for the outdoors with travel. He worked in sales and business development at G Adventures before guiding with Butterfield & Robinson for seven years throughout France, Iceland, and Southeast Asia. Since his time with Best Coast Biking, he has consulted for businesses and startups through design thinking and helped Arctery'x build its first travel program. He now plays on the Canadian National Ultimate Frisbee team and plans to represent Canada in the upcoming world championship. Daniel lives in Vancouver, BC.

Sarah Lewis

Avid outdoorswoman, sustainable development enthusiast, polyglot, traveller, musician, and gypsy at heart, Sarah has always found ways to combine her passions. After receiving her M.S.c in Environment & Development at the London School of Economics, Sarah took some time to travel while guiding with Butterfield & Robinson. Having worked in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and North Africa, Sarah explored the many facets of development through tourism. Since then, she began working in international development and has led communications for multiple British Council and EU projects in South Asia. She now works in research at the University of British Columbia and lives in Vancouver, BC. 

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